A smart way to have a bigger say in your franchise

Sep 14, 2017

They’re a voice for Franchisees everywhere. And that voice carries some serious weight.

7-Eleven offers Franchisees several ways to engage with corporate leadership, but one of the most rewarding might be the National Business Leadership Council (NBLC). Members are chosen by their fellow Franchisees to represent their region on one of eight committees. Each committee works with 7-Eleven management, sharing concerns, ideas and successes in an effort to improve the experience for the more than 4,600 Franchisees in the U.S.


It’s a great opportunity for Franchisees to share their vision for 7-Eleven with CEO Joe DePinto and leadership from every department. Back in August, representatives gathered in Irving, Texas, to do just that.

Sindy Singh of California has served five years on the NBLC and has seen the difference it makes.

“We can bring all the obstacles we have from our franchise community and bring it to the executive team and we see good results,” Singh said. “It’s working together for better futures.”

Those challenges and opportunities are often shared by other Franchisees around the country. Members agreed that having so many Franchisees from so many backgrounds in a single place makes a big difference. Atul Lalan of New Jersey, who has been serving on the NBLC for three years, said sometimes real progress can happen in as little as 15 minutes with a little teamwork.

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It goes beyond talk. Decision-makers are on hand at the meetings to take action on the spot. Rita Casanova of Texas is new to the NBLC but loved the idea of Franchisees who talk with customers every day getting a say in the big decisions that affect their business. One such discussion centered on how 7-Eleven introduces new products.

“A lot of these Franchisees who are with the customer every day have great ideas,” Casanova said. “And so now they’re thinking of creating a direct line where a Franchisee can just shoot new ideas and new products. Some may be carried, and some may not, but either way it’s a voice coming from the person in front of the customer. And that’s very important!”

They came. They connected. They made a difference.

“We’ll constantly keep growing our business and become more profitable,” Casanova said. “I’ve seen a big value in [the NBLC]. I also see a huge value to networking with other Franchisees from other areas of the country — getting to share great ideas that are working for them.”

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