Jump In! The Convenience Industry Is Booming

Jul 13, 2017

Ok, so internet shopping may be growing in popularity, and home grocery delivery services just might be on the rise. But if you really want to jump into a booming industry that has the potential for respectable profits – take a look at franchising a convenience store.

According to some interesting Nielsen data, U.S. convenience stores experienced record sales of $233 billion last year, and the industry is expected to continue this impressive growth well into 2020. The opportunity is definitely there, to say the least.

Just-Right Conditions


There are several factors driving convenience store growth. For starters – it’s convenient. Take a look at today’s consumer climate. People are time-starved, but they’re also more selective than ever. Consumers have grown accustomed to instant access, and are no longer willing to sacrifice quality for value. The conditions are right, and convenience store franchises – like 7-Eleven – are perfectly poised to respond.

Healthy Eating In Demand

According to a December 2016 survey by the National Association of Convenience Stores, better-for-you items are a big driver of sales this year. Industrywide, items like fruits and vegetables, yogurt, nuts and health bars also saw big numbers in 2016.

We’re proud to say, 7-Eleven Franchisees have stayed well ahead of the curve. Our full line of fresh, proprietary products, like daily delivered sandwiches and healthy salads, provides consumers with complete meal options. Plus, the quality, value and innovation of our 7-SELECT™ Private Brand gives busy people all kinds of snack and drink options. In fact, many of our Private Brand products are leading national brands.

Pain Killers

One Stop for Everything

Convenience stores are also growing their selections beyond food, providing complete lines of household items, health and beauty products, auto care merchandise, mobile phone accessories, and the list goes on. Again, 7-Eleven stores are out in front. Our Franchisees are able to stock their shelves with an extensive inventory of what their customers are looking for.

In addition to products, 7-Eleven has introduced several innovative service options, like our Trans@ct by 7-Eleven, which allows customers to use their smartphones to pay bills at neighborhood 7-Eleven stores. In 2015, we launched on-demand delivery in select stores. Since then, 7-Eleven has continued to expand into new markets, making convenience store shopping about as convenient as it gets.

Healthy Sandwhiches

Technology Helps – A Lot


Let’s face it. Smartphones have changed the way people shop. No wonder technology, as it relates to loyalty programs and better customer experiences, gets much of the credit for growing convenience store sales this year.

7-Eleven is continuously innovating in this area. In fact, we were recently ranked in the top three most mobile-ready brands in the world. This ranking had everything to do with our optimized website, our 7-Eleven App and our 7Rewards program, which have customers coming back for more of what they need – and want.

Interested in jumping into the booming convenience industry with a brand that’s leading the way?

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