Keeping it Fun is Part of the Process

Oct 2, 2017

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Rita Casanova has had a desire to thrive in the business world from a young age. The San Antonio native received her undergrad in Economics and followed it up with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She moved up the ladder quickly after starting out as a buyer for several large retail companies in her hometown. Once her children were grown, she had reached a time in her life where she could retire, but Rita was ready to start something new. “I was too passionate about business; I wasn’t done.”

When Rita had decided she wanted to go into business for herself, her brother Jake was the one who recommended 7-Eleven, having been familiar with the company first-hand as a consultant. “We knew what it takes to start from scratch,” she adds. “We knew the failure rate could be pretty high. You usually need a lot of capital. When we saw 7-Eleven we thought, well this is a possibility because they have the right support system all the way through. With our background in retail, it was the right fit.”

Rita enjoyed the training. She thought it was thorough and layered with deep insights into all the abilities she would need to carry off her dream. “It’s a lot. But I liked that it was self-paced. I took my time, because that is the kind of student I am. I always over study when I get passionate about something,” she shares.

Rita is also very passionate about her community in general. She’s served on city boards and still continues her volunteer work. She pays great attention to detail with every customer, an example she and Jake instill in their team. They believe finding joy in work is contagious. “Plus,” she exclaims, “having fun should be a part of success!”

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Success is something she has thrived at. With Jake by her side and a dedication to excellence, their store continues to show very healthy growth. And they are reaping the rewards of having the ability to make time for what they believe to be most important—family.

“I call her my Queen,” declares Edward James, Rita’s Franchise Sales Representative. “She is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met and always keeps family as the deciding factor on business decisions. She and her brother Jacob are role models and make life a little bit better for so many people they support via mentoring.”

Recently married, she’s been able to travel with her new husband, spend time with her grandchildren, and care for her mother. “This is a big part of my life. I could be retired, but I just am passionate about business. I am passionate about learning more and working with others. You get to change lives! All this and I still have time left to enjoy life with my family, especially the grandkids.”

“Rita is a phenomenal woman, who has a great passion for wanting to do things the right way,” says Wendy Moseley, 7-Eleven’s Field Consultant in North Austin. “Rita and her brother do very well together. As he takes on the day-to-day arm of the operation, Rita digs into the behind-the-scenes financial aspects. They are a great team that make it look easy because they both work very hard.”

If having fun is indeed a part of success, it seems Rita Casanova is having a blast. She was recently featured in a newscast underscoring how Latina business owners are likely to double within a decade. Way to go, Rita!

Minority-run businesses that understand and connect with their communities are experiencing tremendous growth. With 7-Eleven behind her, Rita has found success. So can you!

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