Marketing Your Franchise Makes the Difference

Mar 14, 2017

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Marketing plays a big role in the success of a franchise. It can also be a challenge for those without experience. In a recent Entrepreneur article, one franchisee says that although it can be difficult, marketing is the differentiator between average and high-profit franchisees.

“Marketing can be the biggest discouragement,” said David Messenger, VP for Memphis-based ServiceMaster. “Franchisees can spend a lot of money for two or three months, not see results and then give up. But it will eventually work.” Messenger is also quick to point out that marketing is an area where franchisors need to provide support to franchisees, because not everyone comes equipped with a marketing background.

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7-Eleven Helps Franchisees Market Like Pros

7-Eleven Franchisees benefit from the momentum of a globally recognized brand. They also reap the rewards of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies created by professionals who know how to sell the 7-Eleven brand.

National TV and radio commercials, engaging social media posts, fun promotions, special events and email campaigns are available to 7-Eleven Franchisees for a minimal advertising fee. On a local level, Franchisees also have access to grand opening packages, public relations, bilingual support and other marketing tactics designed to help them connect with their communities.

7-Eleven also continuously creates promotions to help Franchisees drive traffic and grow customer loyalty. The 2015 launch of our 7Rewards customer loyalty program is just one great example. Franchisees were provided with a set of marketing resources to help promote 7Rewards within their stores. Email and push notifications were also sent by 7-Eleven to 7Rewards members on behalf of Franchisees.

The slick 7-Eleven mobile app also helps generate customer loyalty and has become one of our top tools for Franchisees to market new promotions. Many of these new marketing and sales ideas are on display for Franchisees at our annual 7-Eleven Experience.

In addition to advertising and marketing, 7-Eleven provides unparalleled support for Franchisees in training, merchandising, operations and other areas important to their success. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to franchise with the world’s #1 convenience store, click here to view our webinar. It’s free and available throughout the week.

Interested in marketing your own franchise with 7-Eleven?

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