Multiple reasons to franchise multiple stores: Here’s Jamil’s story (Pt. 2).

Dec 22, 2016


A Big Move

“This country gave me many opportunities, and one of those opportunities was 7-Eleven. Now it’s in my blood. It’s like my family.

Before coming to the U.S. in 1987, I had my bachelor’s degree in engineering and was running a construction company with my father. My life in Pakistan was very secure.

Moving to America was scary. I had no English and spent many nights wondering how I would survive.

I got my first part-time job working as a midnight clerk at 7-Eleven, but my English was very broken and it was difficult to know what people wanted. I remember a customer once asking for Marlboros in a soft pack. I didn’t even know what a soft pack was. Everything was new and strange to me.”


7-Eleven Success

“I worked hard at my part-time job and by 1992 I had become a store manager. Of course, this made me very proud.

I had much success as a manager. My store became an “expo store,” which means it was a model store that other Franchisees could visit and observe. From 1992 to 2000 I was the go-to guy for my 7-Eleven Zone Leader.

Before I became a Franchisee, I also worked as a 7-Eleven Field Supervisor and then as a Market Trainer. I discussed franchising with my Market Manager and he was completely supportive.

I chose my first store in Sterling, Virginia, because I wanted to move to the area. I think it’s easier to run a store when you live in the community.”



“My first store came easy to me – I think it was because of my previous 7-Eleven experience. I was soon ready for another store.

The application process for my second store was very easy. Within a year I was approved and ready to move in.

Every year I took on a new store.

I was even asked to take on the challenge of a low-volume store. I accepted the challenge. My goal was to increase sales and gross profits. I’m happy to say that store is doing well today.”

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