Franchise Process

Your journey continues

If you’re a 7‑Eleven franchise owner interested in expanding your portfolio, we’ve got some good news for you. Going from one franchise location to multiple locations takes less time than your original application. We’ve also learned from our years of franchise experience that our multiple-unit Franchisees tend to be more successful, more satisfied and stick around a lot longer. Here’s how the process of adding a store will unfold.

Step 1

Let us know you're interested

Contact your Field Consultant and explain that you’re ready to take on another store – or two.
Step 2

Your track record speaks for itself

Next, we will review your existing franchise operations to assess your capabilities and track record.

Step 3

A faster application

Once the review is complete, you’ll apply online. Remember, because you are a current Franchisee, this part will go a lot faster.

Step 4

Another check and review

Now that you’ve filled out the “Current Franchisee” portion of the application, the franchise team will conduct a background check and review your loan request (if applicable).

Step 5

Success is in the details

If everything checks out, a Franchise Sales Representative will contact you to discuss details and advise you as you move toward your goal of owning multiple 7‑Eleven franchises.

Let’s get started!

If you’ve got what it takes to franchise with 7‑Eleven,
go ahead and take the first step.

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