Guest Experience

Customers are constantly redefining convenience, and 7‑Eleven® has always adapted quickly to meet their changing needs. We were founded on innovation and a strong commitment to listening to our customers. We’ll continue to understand our customers and provide them with the products and services they want with the quality they're looking for.

Fresh Foods Delivered Daily
Under the leadership of President and CEO Joe DePinto, 7‑Eleven has led the convenience industry in offering the fresh foods that are increasingly in demand in the U.S.  7‑Eleven’s compelling variety of fresh sandwiches, salads, fruit and baked goods has created major growth in fresh food purchases at 7‑Eleven stores across the country.  The unique supply chain system that 7‑Eleven has developed under DePinto’s leadership, often called the “demand chain” within the company, has been instrumental in giving customers the truly fresh items they want at affordable prices.  Currently, most 7‑Eleven stores sell approximately 10% fresh food items, but the company's goal is to work over the coming years to enable franchisees to offer up to 40% fresh food items.

Fresh and Colorful Atmosphere
When you step into a 7‑Eleven store today you’ll notice a cleaner, brighter environment and a wide variety of high quality fresh foods. We've re-imaged our stores and provided franchisees with valuable resources to deliver excellent service. We want every 7‑Eleven customer to walk away from our stores with a great experience.

Our hands-on Field Consultants visit your store weekly and look for merchandise and cleanliness opportunities that improve the store’s overall appearance, helping to create an atmosphere that attracts customers.

Finding Great Value
The products that customers wanted when 7‑Eleven started were pretty simple: milk, eggs and bread. While those items are still available, 7‑Eleven has greatly expanded its product offerings throughout the years. From proprietary products such as Slurpee® beverages, Big Gulp® fountain drinks and 7‑Eleven Select® private label products to fresh sandwiches, fruit and bakery items, your store will have something for every customer at a great price.

At 7‑Eleven, we're always seeking improvements that differentiate us from the competition and drive improved sales and profits. We’re reinvesting in our people and our business so we can innovate to an even greater extent and continue to meet the needs of our customers well into the future.