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Multiple reasons to franchise multiple stores

7‑Eleven® makes it easy to build your empire by investing in multiple franchise stores.

1. Who doesn’t love 7‑Eleven®?

As a Franchisee, you become part of an iconic brand that’s known and loved around the world. Our Slurpee® drinks, Big Gulps®, coffee and Big Bites® have been a convenient part of people’s lives for decades.

2. We’re consistently ranked as a top-five franchisor.

We couldn’t be prouder of this ranking, which is derived from our impressive Franchise 500® score. Our Franchisees are the heart of 7‑Eleven, which is why we work hard to keep up our end of the deal.

3. Our franchise model includes everything but the kitchen sink.

Come to think of it, the kitchen sink is included! We also provide the stores, land and equipment, plus extensive training and support. You bring the skills, focus and enthusiasm.

4. A gross profit split means we’re invested in your success.

Rather than sharing royalties on sales like most other franchises, 7‑Eleven shares gross profits. In other words, your success really is as important to us as it is to you.

5. Start-up money doesn’t have to be an issue.

Don’t let the money part stand in the way of a new future. If you’re serious about franchising, and if you qualify, you can take advantage of our internal financing program, plus a few other helpful programs. You’ve got options!

6. We love technology.

In fact, we’ve invested millions (and millions) into a proprietary system that allows you to streamline operations and stock your store with the items your customers want.

7. We’ve got multiple-store franchise options.

If you have solid retail and management experience, and a head for business, you can grow quite a career for yourself as a multiple-store Franchisee!

8. You can own multiple stores from day one.

Some franchises require a franchisee to start with one store and eventually work toward adding another. But with 7‑Eleven, you can own multiple stores from day one – as long as you qualify.

9. It's easy to apply and easy to grow.

Outside of a few additional requirements, multiple-store franchising is as fast and easy as single-store franchising. Growing your 7‑Eleven empire is also easy thanks to ongoing support and a turnkey business model.

10. Your revenue stream flows. All. Day. Long.

Since all 7‑Eleven stores meet customer needs 24 hours a day, the revenue never stops. For our multiple-store owners, that’s multiple revenue streams – which is probably the very best reason of all to franchise multiple stores with 7‑Eleven.

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