Why 7-Eleven

Nonstop innovation

7‑Eleven introduced the world to the Slurpee® drink, Big Gulp®, Big Bite® and a truckload of other proprietary products and services. We’re also relentless in our pursuit of new ways to help Franchisees connect to customers and run their stores more efficiently. And we’re not even close to being finished.

Our Private Brand drives your profits

Our test kitchens and product development teams are continuously searching for new flavors and better recipes to satisfy time-constrained, health-conscious consumers. The result is a 7-SELECT™ brand that maximizes profits for Franchisees and earns the respect of our pickiest customers.

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Connecting to a new generation of shoppers

As technology redefines how people shop, we keep pace. Take our 7‑Eleven mobile app for example. It supports bigger and better loyalty programs that can drive a new digital generation of buyers into your store.

Even our operations are innovative

Whether it’s investing in the newest equipment, remodeling stores or installing eco-friendly LED lighting in stores – we’re all about innovations that impact the success of your business. Our proprietary logistics system is a great example. We’ve invested millions in technology that has significantly changed the way Franchisees can run their stores. Inventory management, invoice payments, payroll processing – it’s all fully automated so Franchisees can spend more time up front, taking care of customers.

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A fresh move

To better serve a culture demanding healthy options, 7‑Eleven arranges for the delivery of fresh food products every single day to most stores. Sometimes this even involves partnering with local farmers. Our exclusive logistics system allows the delivery of not just fresh produce, but also a full line of fresh proprietary products, like Deli Central™ sandwiches and healthy salads. It’s competitive out there. But when you can offer more of what your customers are looking for, it’s always good for business.

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