Franchise Process

Your journey continues

We’ve learned from years of franchise experience that our multiple-unit Franchisees tend to be more successful, more satisfied and stick around a lot longer. If you’re a 7 Eleven franchise owner interested in expanding your portfolio, here’s how the process of adding a store will unfold.

Step 1


Fill out the "Existing Franchisee" application online.
Step 2

Operations approvals:

  • Multiple criteria report review by your Field Consultant
  • Initial assessment by your Field Consultant for a second store approval
  • Leadership Assessment by a Market Manager for a second and third store approval
  • Franchising four or more stores requires Zone Leader approval

Step 3

Store Selection and Financials

Once you choose a new store, identify and qualify a person to train and oversee that store. You’ll also need to build a first-year business plan and complete a Quality Assurance packet that includes detailed financial viability and background reviews.

That’s it! Three easy steps and you’re that much closer to owning another 7-Eleven Franchise.

We want you to succeed! If for some reason you’re not approved, your Field Consultant or Franchise Sales Representative will discuss that reason with you. If Operations does not approve you for multiple-store ownership, your Field Consultant will help you develop a new plan of action.

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