Four good reasons to franchise a convenience store (other than the fact that it’s convenient).

Apr 16, 2015

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Thinking about franchise ownership? Here’s a number to consider. The U.S convenience store industry takes in approximately $680 billion in sales – every year. So maybe franchising a convenience store is worth investigating. To help you do your homework, here are four perks to consider.

1. Convenience is at an all-time high.

Today’s consumers are time-constrained and busier than ever. They want more from one location, whenever they want it. Convenience stores are feeding this 24/7-consumer demand, which is showing no signs of slowing down. With an expanded product selection, round-the-clock operations and numerous locations, convenience store franchises are exactly what the masses are craving. convenience store franchise opportunity

2. More products mean better business.

Franchises that focus on selling one type of product or service (fast-food franchises, for example) have a limited customer base. On the other hand, owning and operating a business that offers multiple products will allow you to meet a variety of customer wants and needs, which keeps traffic flowing day and night. People stop by 7-Eleven stores for all kinds of products, including gas, lottery tickets, coffee, household supplies – even pizza! When it comes to franchise ownership, the more options for them, the better business is for you!

3. You can leverage super buying powers.

Convenience stores buy big, which comes in handy when negotiating pricing and terms. 7-Eleven buys for more than 6,700 stores in the U.S. alone. The value of this kind of buying power is passed on to you, the Franchisee, so you can offer the products your customers want at great prices, while keeping profit margins healthy.

4. Daily delivery works for everyone.

Convenience store franchises typically work with a global network of vendors. This is especially true for 7-Eleven. Because of our wide vendor network, we’re able to find the products customers love. And with our centralized consolidation centers, we’re able to deliver the right mix of 7-Eleven products to your store every single day.

If you’re seriously interested in convenience store franchise ownership, take a closer look at 7-Eleven. We’re consistently ranked as one of the top franchise opportunities in the industry. To learn more, consider attending a free 7-Eleven franchise seminar in your area or live webinar.

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