Franchisees in Training, Part 1: The LAUNCH Pad

Jul 8, 2015

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Your franchise agreement is signed and your initial fees are paid. Now, it’s time to start training. But before you wince at the idea of sitting through long classroom lectures, you need to know – this is no ordinary training.

Just ask Janis Barnes, one of 7-Eleven’s learning specialists and facilitators for LAUNCH, an intensive orientation held at the Store Support Center in Dallas, Texas. According to Barnes, trainees who complete the series tend to sum up LAUNCH in one word. Wow!

“They’re always surprised and say it’s not like any class they’ve ever been a part of,” says Barnes. She’s also quick to add that as a facilitator, it’s her responsibility to involve trainees in discussion and activities (yes, there will be activities). “I don’t just stand up there and talk – my job is to guide and get people involved!”

LAUNCH stands for Leadership, Alignment, Understanding, Networking, Communication and History, and the class series was created to introduce new Franchisees to the 7-Eleven brand. It also helps prepare them for the more tactical C.O.O.L. training that follows. (C.O.O.L. stands for College of Operations Leadership, but we’ll get to that in a later post.)

The three power-packed LAUNCH days include an in-depth introduction to 7-Eleven’s brand, culture and mission, a history recap, discussions about strategy, business functions and the importance of communications. Attendees are also given mock skills assessments to prepare for future in-store training. Classes hear from different 7-Eleven leaders and tour different departments. They even visit the site where 7-Eleven’s coffee is roasted.

A bit of advice for anyone planning to attend LAUNCH. Bring your business acumen, be flexible and get ready to learn something new.

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