Hispanic Heritage; A Living Legacy

Sep 26, 2018

Spanning the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America, and now, the United States, Hispanic Heritage is a truly diverse cultural landscape that encompasses an array of traditions. While it is the differences that make Hispanic Heritage beautiful, it is the unified foundation of hard work and perseverance that makes it strong. Through the drive to achieve and the need to excel, the Hispanic people have a legacy of entrepreneurship that is so rooted within their DNA that it comprises an integral part of what it truly means to be Hispanic.

7-Eleven Franchisee Diversity
7-Eleven Franchisee Diversity
7-Eleven Hispanic Heritage

Here at 7-Eleven, we are invested in diversity and inclusion. Our franchisees have their own stories and their own dreams, but, much like Hispanic Heritage, they have one common thread that ties them all together – their drive to excel. It is our dedication to these principles that drives us to constantly do what we can to help these individuals find their success.

This month, we proudly celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and all of the people who have helped and continue to help this legacy thrive. The road to building a legacy is never easy, but few things worth doing ever are. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month, and remember, you were born to be a living legacy.

7-Eleven Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

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