How You Can Benefit from 7-Eleven Franchise Opportunities

Jul 12, 2018

Starting a business is something many people dream about. For some, it’s just a daydream, pleasant to consider when they’re mad at the boss. For others, it’s a passion they seek to fulfill. If you fall into the latter group, a franchise with 7-Eleven offers opportunities that can help you be your own boss in as few as three to six months.

Benefits of Franchising With 7-Eleven

With so many business opportunities in today’s marketplace, why franchise with 7-Eleven? Our brand is known worldwide as a quality provider of excellent customer service and innovative products like Slurpee® and Big Gulp® drinks. Our company consistently ranks high on the lists of top franchises as selected by Entrepreneur magazine and we are also recognized as a leader among a variety of retail and community organizations, including veterans groups.

Franchise Financing

At 7-Eleven, we’re invested in your success. Franchise benefits begin almost immediately with several options for financing your startup. You may qualify for our company financing program, or if you are a U.S. military veteran, you may be able to take advantage of veteran discounts and incentives to aid you in financing. We also offer a support program to help franchisees reach their minimum gross income goals. Not to mention that our gross profit split model means that we are truly invested in the success of every Franchisee.

Training Program

We’re proud of our reputation, and we know that the best way to protect it is by training and supporting new Franchisees. All new Franchisees begin their training with LAUNCH, three power-packed days where they learn about all things 7-Eleven, from history to business strategy. Then they continue on to C.O.O.L. (College of Operations Leadership). This intensive, multi-week training gives Franchisees the skills and hands-on experience to run their own store. Franchisees will master computer programs for inventory tracking and ordering, payroll processing and many more essential operations. Each Franchisee has a Franchise Sales Representative (FSR) by their side to provide valuable feedback, and answer any questions they may have along the way.

Operational Advantages

Along with training, Franchisees can count on advice, insights and help from company experts as they operate their stores. The Small Business Administration advises potential owners to consider additional franchise advantages, including:

  • Strong brand
    Each and every store should have the same appearance, which includes company signs and logos that reinforce the brand image. You benefit directly from the global brand recognition of 7-Eleven, while being a valuable part of your local community.
  • Tech systems
    Franchises benefit from having a computer system and software programs in place for critical business processes such as sales, inventory, employee training, communications and more, with support for these systems from corporate offices. We’re proud of our ongoing innovations, from our 7REWARDS app to online ordering.
  • Robust products/services
    Customers know what to expect at every franchise store. They know what’s on the shelves, what’s in the coolers and even what the hot dog tastes like before they buy it. That consistency is what keeps them coming back. Our 7SELECT private brand offers quality and selection at or above the national brand average.
  • Corporate leadership
    During the application process, you have the opportunity to discuss the direction and long-range plans for the corporation and franchises with company managers and learn how you can play a role in its success.
  • Advertising
    The corporate office is responsible for coordinated marketing and promotions that you don’t have to develop or design. We provide marketing support for our brand and your store!

Add to this list 7-Eleven’s proven business practices, support from national and local advisory councils, merchandising help and startup support, and you’ve got a formula for success.

Innovation and Product Development

Forbes magazine describes innovation as a vital tool for businesses to use in reaching new markets faster, giving them an edge in developing brand recognition and consumer loyalty, which in turn can lead to bigger success. Sometimes, a product is an innovation. Other times, it can be a new service, business process or financial model. It is crucial for companies to innovate in order to maintain ongoing success.

Innovation is the way 7-Eleven responds to trends in consumer purchasing: When consumers called for healthier food options, we introduced fresh fruits, salads and healthy sandwiches, now a staple in our franchises. Innovation is what leads us to develop new products under our own label, 7-SELECT. This line, launched in 2013, offers a variety of snacks, food, tech products and more that help franchisees realize increased revenues.

Community Involvement

As a corporation, we recognize our responsibility to the planet, and we have committed to programs that will help us reduce our carbon footprint over the next several years. We also recognize that we as a company and as individual franchises are part of the communities we live and work in. You can join us in one or all of our community programs, or one of your own. As a company, 7-Eleven has taken the initiative to become involved in youth organizations that promote health and education opportunities and reduced crime through stronger community relationships. We have also committed to increased corporate giving, developing women leaders and providing veterans services and programs for military families.

Developing a successful business can be challenging, especially if you start from scratch. We make it easier for entrepreneurs to own their own business by joining ours through the franchise process. With all that we’ve got going for us, why wouldn’t you partner with 7-Eleven? Apply today!

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