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Aug 15, 2018

With the growing economy, now could be the perfect time to start your own franchise. If you’re looking to be your own boss and contribute to your community, partnering with a global brand like 7-Eleven is the right career move. Read on for the top four reasons why you should become a Franchisee now.

1. You Want to Invest

Investing your money in the stock market or real estate market can be a good idea, and with the booming economy, you may even be thinking about how to start your own business. Franchising is a smart way to invest your money because it allows you to become a business owner at the same time. The 7-Eleven Franchise system offers a structure for launching, operating and growing your business under a highly recognized brand; providing the Franchisee with a lower risk of failure and/or loss of investments.

2. A Supportive Economy

Recent findings from the International Franchise Association show that regulations have changed, which encourages those looking for franchise opportunities. Those same findings also predict that franchises like 7-Eleven will grow roughly 2 percent this year. Along with growth, the business churned out by franchises is predicted to experience a 6 percent boost in 2018. This is a combination of easing regulations and tax cuts that are fueling this positive outlook, an outlook you’d do well to take advantage of right now if you’ve ever thought about becoming a Franchisee.

3. A Brand You Can Trust

Before committing any time or money to a franchise, you need to weigh the pros and cons. In addition to timing, you should also know that investing in a 7-Eleven franchise is investing in a proven brand, which minimizes much of the risk and guesswork involved in starting your very own business.

7-Eleven is an established brand that has been in business since 1927. We have a global presence that our customers have grown to know and trust. As a Franchisee, you become a part of that brand and help maintain it in your community.

4. Doing Your Part to Support the Economy

Something else to think about with franchising is that you’re helping to further support the economy. You’ll be providing your local community with job opportunities as well, which is something you can feel good about. And just like owning your own business, you’ll have a say in who you staff at your location. You get to decide the values and culture you uphold in your store. Being a 7-Eleven Franchisee offers a great deal of opportunity to help your community, whether by donating to organizations or through special partnerships and programs like Operation Chill®.

Do It Right

Is the thought of owning your own franchise starting to sound more appealing? If so, you’ll want to start things off on the right foot by checking out our franchise process. Looking over the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer’s guide to buying a franchise is also a great way to give yourself a wide view of the playing field and better decide if franchising is the ideal business model for you.

There has never been a better time to become a 7-Eleven Franchisee. If you’re ready to strike while the iron is hot, apply today!

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