We Put Multiples on the Map at the 2018 7-Eleven Experience

Apr 20, 2018

This February, Franchisees from across the country gathered in Las Vegas to celebrate their achievements and find out what 7-Eleven has in store for the future. President and CEO Joe DePinto (pictured above, thrird from the left) spent some time talking about how 7-Eleven plans to keep up with our tech-based competition via online ordering, delivery and in-store pickup. However, our main focus was on the many Franchisees who’ve worked with 7-Eleven to open multiple locations throughout the year.

To show how Franchisees are growing the 7-Eleven brand through multiple-store franchising, we put up a map during the convention and encouraged Franchisees to fill it with stickers representing their stores. Green, orange and red stickers were used to denote their first, second and third (or more) stores, respectively. Check out the video to see the results!

If you’re curious about becoming a multiple Franchisee, you’re not alone. We get a ton of questions on the subject every day. Questions like: What does it take to become a multiple owner? Why do so many of our Franchisees decide to open multiple-stores? What kinds of people make successful multiple Franchisees?

To get some answers, we sat down with a few of our current multiple Franchisees. Hear what they have to say:

If you’re ready to add another store to your 7-Eleven empire, click here to apply today. Or, become a first-time 7-Eleven Franchisee by filling out an application here.

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