You're Ready to Make the Leap. So What's Stopping You?

Sep 24, 2018

You’ve been thinking about franchising for a while. You’ve done your research. You’re almost ready to take the first step. But like most people, you’ve still got a few questions and concerns. And that’s good! It means you’re carefully considering all your options.

To address your concerns, we spoke to the following 7-Eleven Franchise Sales Representatives (FSRs) and asked them to share the questions and concerns they hear most from candidates:

7Eleven FSR Graphic

They were more than happy to share their professional insights on the most frequent issues cited by potential Franchisees throughout the application experience, as well as the overall benefits of franchising with 7-Eleven.

What are some of the top concerns that potential Franchisees have?


“Many are worried that they don’t have enough funding in order to franchise with 7-Eleven. Many are unsure about running a 24-hour operation. Luckily, I’ve got plenty of supporting information to answer their specific questions.”


“Most of the applicants I work with already have full-time jobs, so they worry about having enough time to devote to our application process. They worry about slowing down the process too much. I work hard to plan meetings with them on their schedule and help them prepare all the necessary documents. It’s time- consuming for sure, but our job is to help candidates succeed.”

7Eleven FSR

What makes the 7-Eleven Franchisee application process different from others?


“The amount of support we offer to potential Franchisees. They have access to webinars, live seminars and a devoted FSR who is able to answer any questions and concerns. I’ve had Franchisees who have franchised with other businesses, and they’re very impressed with the amount of support and resources that 7-Eleven gives them.”


“We want the candidate to be successful, so we’re available to make sure they have a solid foundation from the start. After all, we’re a 90% franchised company. Franchisees are the backbone of our organization.”


“If someone’s having doubts or is unsure about anything, I’ll encourage them to meet with other Franchisees. The Franchisee may be able to answer questions that I can’t. If candidates have questions or concerns, I want them to get answers straight from the source.”

7Eleven Stand Alone Store

What's something all highly qualified candidates have in common?


“They all have previous management experience. They also have experience in the retail, restaurant and convenience store industries.”


“Intelligence, especially in the business sense, along with management and leadership experience. They also understand the convenience store industry.”


“They’re energetic and have a passion for delivering exceptional customer service. They also ask tons of questions during the application process.”


“They all have a desire to be successful, along with good business sense. The most successful candidates I’ve seen all have excellent people skills and a can-do attitude.”

7Eleven Franchise Sales Representatives

Still have questions? Brian, Kathy, Paula and Erik are just a few of the many FSRs who are ready to answer your questions. Think about it this way: Once you apply, the application process is really just a gateway to providing you with a customized approach in order to learn even more. No question is too big or small, and your FSR is always there to help you succeed.

Every day, more Franchisees are joining one of the world's largest and most successful franchise networks. Why haven't you?

Apply now to become part of the 7-Eleven Franchise family.

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