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7Rewards℠ builds a bigger customer base and bigger profits

As a Franchisee, you get to not only own the business, but also have access to the innovative promotions and marketing that support that business. The 7Rewards℠ program is one of these big ideas.

7Rewards℠ launched in 2015 to give customers incentives for buying any cup of a 7‑Eleven beverage, their way, every day. For every six drinks purchased, the seventh is free, but to participate, customers must download the 7‑Eleven app. This cool little app is used to scan and track purchases. It also gives customers a way to access exclusive offers, find their favorite stores and submit feedback.

One year after the launch, app scans more than doubled and customers’ baskets increased almost 25% on average. We’ve also discovered that when customers redeem their free cups, they spent 30% more on average than when they were purchasing cups before 7Rewards℠. We hope these trends continue as we expand the reach of our app.

To help grow the 7Rewards℠ database, 7‑Eleven provides marketing tools and resources. On behalf of Franchisees, we send email and push notifications to update customers.

With 7Rewards℠, the potential is unlimited, and for Franchisees, it all adds up to increased customer loyalty, which makes a huge impact on business.