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The 7-Eleven Bill Pay App means more convenience for customers and easy profits for Franchisees.

It’s not just our customers who benefit from our ongoing innovation. It also pays off for our Franchisees. The more reasons people have to visit 7‑Eleven, the better success our Franchisees can have. Our new Bill Pay App is one great reason.

Customers can now pay their bills at their neighborhood 7‑Eleven thanks to a new 7‑Eleven-branded smartphone app that can be downloaded from the Mac App Store or Google Play Store. Customers can easily store their bills in this single app. When it’s time to pay, for example, utilities, a customer simply walks into a nearby participating 7‑Eleven, presses “utilities” and hands the cash to a 7‑Eleven store associate. The entire process takes less than a minute.

Because of the new service, Franchisees not only see an increase in traffic, they also make commission on payments received. The 7‑Eleven Bill Pay App is convenient for customers and results in straight profits for Franchisees – with very little work required.  

The new 7‑Eleven Bill Pay App is one of the many ways we work to help make our franchise owners successful. And it’s also just the beginning of making 7‑Eleven a destination for all kinds of financial services.