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Business Conversion makes franchising convenient

You’re already an independent business owner. Or maybe you’re a landowner looking for a new opportunity. The 7‑Eleven Business Conversion Program (BCP) is an easy way to start Franchising with the world’s #1 convenience brand.

Here’s what we mean by “business conversion”: We’ll take the gas station, liquor store, deli, small grocery store or other retail business you currently own and help you convert it to a 7‑Eleven branded convenience store. Or, if you have a prime piece of real estate that’s currently vacant, we’ll work with you to develop it into a brand-new 7‑Eleven. Our business model is proven, easy – and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Here are a few benefits that
come with the package:

  • System Success: With our proprietary business system, you’re ready for greatness. Our established 7‑Eleven brand and proven franchise concept set you up to succeed.
  • Not-so extreme makeover: If your location needs some polishing, 7‑Eleven will co-invest with you to remodel your store.
  • You’ve got clout: 7‑Eleven’s central distribution and large-volume purchasing power can help you with your inventory purchasing.
  • Tech support: We’ve invested millions to provide you with the technology that keeps the exact mix of products your customers love on the shelves. From help with payroll to vendor invoice processing to our revolutionary retail information system, 7‑Eleven has you covered.
  • Only at 7‑Eleven: You’ll have the products that your customers crave – and can only find at 7‑Eleven – like Big Gulp® and Slurpee® drinks, 7‑Eleven coffee and all-new fresh foods. And we’ll help bring customers in the door with exclusive 7‑Eleven promotions.
  • Ongoing guidance: We give you ongoing support for your business, including Field Consultants who meet with you regularly to help make the most of your business.

Getting down to business

Talking with a Franchise Sales Representative is the best way to get the full scoop on our BCP. In the meantime, we’ve outlined some of the important details to help you decide whether this program is right for you.

  • You’ll own the store site while 7‑Eleven owns the equipment, signage and trade dress we add to the site.
  • 7‑Eleven co-invests with you on any store improvements. You handle the physical improvements while we provide equipment, signage and fixtures.
  • In addition to the franchise fee, you’ll be responsible for the cost of any required business licenses, permits and bonds.
  • You’re free to obtain necessary financing from any source you’d like.
  • Each month, you pay a royalty fee in exchange for your use of the 7‑Eleven brand and system, and the many services we provide. That fee is based on your gross profits – meaning that 7‑Eleven is directly invested in your success.
To get started and submit a site to be considered for a 7‑Eleven store, simply CLICK HERE and enter your site's information.

Please download our Development Market Map to view which markets are available for expansion.