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Business Transformation makes business - and life - easier for Franchisees

At 7‑Eleven, we strive to make operations as easy as possible for our Franchisees. And we’re all about simplification, which is why we invest in technology and systems that allow us to continuously simplify and improve the way Franchisees run their stores.

Our Business Transformation (BT) initiative is a perfect example. It’s a designated plan that helps simplify everyday tasks so Franchisees can spend less time in the back office and more time with their customers. BT improves the way Franchisees plan, manage, track and order products, as well as the way they receive and account for those products. Three ideas are at the heart of the plan:

  • Retailer initiative: This is our way of better identifying the products your customers want, and then providing Franchisees tools for selecting, forecasting and displaying those products. It’s a way to build a happy, loyal customer base.
  • Streamlined inventory management: Electronic check-in makes inventory control easier because on-hand inventory is automatically tracked in the system. It also improves out-of-stock reporting and streamlines the paperwork process.
  • Distribution management: Consolidated product distribution makes the delivery process more effective for Franchisees and vendors, ultimately getting the products customers want into stores more efficiently.

Our BT stores are showing impressive improvements. On average, sales have increased and out-of-stock items have decreased for stores that are fully implementing the processes. Inventory variation is down significantly and Franchisees have reported helpful time savings.

Our BT initiative rolled out in 2009 with a goal to transform every 7‑Eleven location nationwide by the end of 2017. But our job of continuous improvement and simplification will never end. Finding new ways to make life convenient is in our DNA. It’s what we do – for our customers and our Franchisees.

The system

A big part of Business Transformation is our integrated Retail Information System Evolution (RISE). RISE automates a wide variety of store operations, making it easier for Franchisees to complete daily paperwork and access key information to run the store. It also helps analyze historical sales data, individual-item sales, sales trends and guest preferences. This, in turn, allows Franchisees to know exactly what their customers are buying and have those products on the shelves at all times.