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Do you have the heart and mind of an entrepreneur?

I'm comfortable taking risks.
There’s always some level of risk involved with owning a business. If you're comfortable taking educated risks, this could put you out in front.

Are you constantly thinking of new ways to make something better or easier?
This is the true sign of an entrepreneur! These are the people whose minds continously innovate, reinvent and rethink the world around them.

I like to lead.
Owning a business requires a take-charge attitude plus the instincts to know how to motivate people. If you have a history of leadership, you could be well suited for running and growing a business.

I can deal with a little drama every now and then.
So here’s the deal. Owning a business is a little like riding a roller coaster. It’s definitely an adventure, and ups and downs are guaranteed. If you prefer a steady, predictable day you might be happier elsewhere.

I’m good with wearing different hats.
Running a business involves all kinds of tasks, from marketing and merchandising to customer relations and a whole lot more. If versatility comes naturally to you, you could have the spirit of an entrepreneur.

I love surprises. They make life more exciting.
When it comes to owning a business, the first rule is – expect the unexpected. There are always unknown factors around every corner, and if you’re not afraid of the unknown, you’re probably cut out to be a business owner.

I’m a pit bull when it comes to solving problems.
Business ownership requires a relentless approach to solving problems and finding ways around roadblocks. If this is the way you approach a challenge, you’d probably do well as a business owner.

I love anything new and progressive.
One of the few things you can count on as an entrepreneur is that business is always evolving. If you love a constantly changing industry, business ownership is likely for you.

I’m good at commitment – in sickness and in health.
Like marriage, owning a business requires commitment. And like marriage, it’s also full of good times and difficult times. If you’re not one to stick it out, regardless of the circumstances, then owning a business may not be a fit for you.

When I was a kid I started a couple of businesses.
If you were that kid in the neighborhood who walked dogs, mowed lawns or ran a lemonade stand, your aptitude for business ownership was most likely cultivated at a very young age.

You scored a

If you answered YES five or more times, then you could be wired for business ownership, which also means you may do well as a 7-Eleven Franchisee. It’s a great way to be your own boss and serve an entire community. Apply today and see what happens!

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