How We Help Grow Your Business

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International Development

Provide the support, processes, tools and information. We are a true International Licensor.


Help you develop store teams that sell more.


Help you develop products that sell more.

Store Development

Help you develop stores that sell more.

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Strive to continuously increase Master Franchisee, Licensee and JV Partner Sales and Profits.

How Master Franchising Internationally Works with 7‑Eleven (outside the U.S. and Canada)

The candidate’s capital investment depends on several factors, which include, but are not limited to:

  • The candidate’s current business portfolio and what can be leveraged
  • The number of stores to be developed and operated
  • Other market conditions

Candidates must have the ability and available resources to set up an organization that supports:

  • Human Resources/Training
  • Operations
  • Merchandising
  • Logistics
  • Store Development
  • Marketing

The above is not an exhaustive list.

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We Invest in Your Success

Powerful Partnerships

Regional Director

The Regional Director provides ongoing support and consultation while coordinating and directing additional support.

New Market Entry Guide

This guide allows for the sharing of global operating processes and recommendations, providing steps and tools to assist in developing the information required to operate a 7‑Eleven business.

International Office Support

As directed by the Regional Director, a select group of Subject Matter Experts across all functional areas are available to consult via teleconference or in-country, as determined by 7‑Eleven, Inc.

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Extensive Support

Best Practices & Newsletters

On a quarterly basis, best practices and information are shared throughout the global community to inform, educate and inspire. 

Global/Regional Workshops

Workshops on relevant topics are conducted on a regional or country-specific basis to provide hands-on practical application learning. 

Global Summits

Master Franchisee executives are invited to attend summits and trade shows to share ideas and network. Here we help them develop strategies to transform and build their business.

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Critical Qualifications

  • People and Management Capabilities
  • Local Real Estate Knowledge
  • Long-Term Growth Mindset
  • Local Retail Knowledge and Experience
  • Good Government Relations
  • Financial Strength and Stability
  • Commitment to 7‑Eleven Business Model
  • Quality Focus
  • Customer-Obsessed Mindset
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How We Bring Value to Our Customers

Fast & Friendly Service
Extended Hours of Operation
Close & Convenient
High-Quality Differentiated Fresh Foods & Private Brands
Consumer-Focused Product Assortment
Good Value

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