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The orange countries represent single store franchise opportunities in markets where we currently operate stores. For a full list of countries currently offering single store franchise opportunities, please visit our Existing Markets Available section below.

For domestic franchising in the U.S. or Canada, please visit our stores available list here.

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Internationally, the following territories offer individual store franchise opportunities: Australia, China (Beijing, Guangdong Province), Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and Thailand.

ATTENTION: Links are intended to navigate you to the website of a 7‑Eleven Master Franchisee or Area Licensee. All 7‑Eleven Master Franchisees or Area Licensees are independent franchisees or licensees who own and operate or franchise 7‑Eleven convenience stores, and 7‑Eleven has limited control over the content or privacy policies of any of the Master Franchisee or Area Licensee sites that you may link to from this site, or their advertisers. The terms and conditions, and privacy policies, of those websites (if any) may differ substantially from those on the official 7‑Eleven website. If you visit a Master Franchisee or an Area Licensee’s linked site, please be aware that the Area Licensee or third party operating any such site may have access to any information you submit via that site. 7‑Eleven is not responsible in any way if a Master Franchisee or Area Licensee or a third party does not establish or abide by its own privacy policy. We suggest always checking the privacy policy on each site that you visit before submitting any personal information to that site. Links to third-party sites do not imply that 7‑Eleven has reviewed or endorsed those sites or the content of those sites.

For more information regarding franchising with one of our Master Franchisees or Area Licensees, please visit their website by using the appropriate link below:

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