7-Eleven Franchise Opportunities in Nevada

Looking for a franchise opportunity in Nevada? Have you looked around the corner? Here's a list of 7-Eleven Franchise stores for sale in Nevada that could be your next exciting business opportunity. Find out more information on how to start your own business and how to become a 7-Eleven franchisee today!

7-Eleven Franchises for Sale in Nevada

UC = Under Construction  |  Corp = Corporate  |  NSO = New Store Open  |  GW = Goodwill  |  BCP = Business Conversion Program

Class Store # Gas Beer Address City State ZIP Contact Person Phone # Est. Open Date
UC 42064 Yes Yes ST ROSE PKWY AND BERMUDA ROAD HENDERSON NV 89183 Paula Quigley 916-803-0777 03-31-2022
UC 38840 Yes Yes 5620 N. RAINBOW BLVD. LAS VEGAS NV 89130 Paula Quigley 916-803-0777 06-07-2022
UC 41354 Yes Yes CENTENNIAL CENTER BLVD AND OSO BLANCA ROAD LAS VEGAS NV 89149 Paula Quigley 916-803-0777 06-30-2022
GW 36011 Yes 2202 PARADISE ROAD LAS VEGAS NV 89104 Paula Quigley 916-803-0777
GW 13702 Yes 1101 EAST BONANZA RD LAS VEGAS NV 89101 Inder Judge 702-327-4317