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Continuous Income Opportunities

Convenience stores and gas stations serve nearly every segment of the population, 24/7, 365 — which is why 7‑Eleven continues to thrive, no matter the overall economic climate.

We're Flexible: 3 Ways to Franchise


Getting off the ground is easy! In order to meet your need for aggressive growth, we designed a model tailored to streamline processes and leverage the scale of your business. We lease the store, land and equipment to you, plus provide you with training and support.

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Business Conversion Program

This is a great option for someone looking to convert existing properties — such as a gas station, liquor store, deli, convenience or small grocery store — into new 7‑Eleven stores. Or maybe you want to develop your own new sites. We’re also interested in real estate that’s currently vacant or waiting to be redeveloped into brand-new 7‑Eleven convenience stores.

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Our nontraditional initiative facilitates building stores within captive audience venues and serving customers when and where they need 7‑Eleven — in places like airport terminals, train stations and transportation hubs, universities, malls, hotels, stadiums and more. We have a team of architects, interior designers and merchandisers to provide you with advice on customizing each store within the 7‑Eleven brand.

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Opening your first 7‑Eleven is easier than you think.

New to franchising? Or just 7‑Eleven? Learn what it takes to partner with our brand.

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Faster Startup

Franchising with 7‑Eleven means faster startup times, with first-class training and ongoing support.

Immediate Expansion

Unlike with some other franchises, qualified 7‑Eleven candidates can own or convert several stores from day one. Our tried-and-true business model makes it easy to franchise multiple stores.

Leverage Resources

7‑Eleven offers you the ability to transfer your resources, employees and merchandise between your locations to address deficiencies and redistribute overstock — which can save you time, effort and money.

Big Buying Power

7‑Eleven sources more than 1,000 new products every year. We go big so you can get the benefit of negotiated pricing and terms. As a franchise owner, you get to leverage our super buying power and offer your customers what they love at great prices — without cutting into your profit margins.

Extensive Training and Support

Our world-class support enables you to run your stores. First, you’ll travel to Dallas for LAUNCH, a three-day orientation that introduces you to our brand. Next, you’ll head back to your community so you and your store designees can participate in six to eight weeks of C.O.O.L. (College of Operations Leadership) in-store training. After your franchises open, we continue to help provide assistance so you can focus on managing and growing your business.

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