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Our Leadership

Demonstrating customer obsession to be the world’s leader in convenience.

Joseph M. DePinto

Chief Executive Officer

Stan Reynolds


Doug Rosencrans

Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Jesus Delgado-Jenkins

Executive Vice President & Chief Merchandising Officer

Sean Duffy

Executive Vice President, Fuels

Marissa Jarratt

Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer

Treasa Bowers

Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

Lillian Kirstein

Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary

Ken Wakabayashi

President and Chief Executive Officer, 7-Eleven International LLC

Raghu Mahadevan

Executive Vice President Logistics and Chief Digital Officer

Kristen Cook

Vice President & Chief of Staff

William Armstrong

Senior Vice President, Operations - Restaurants

David Colletti

Senior Vice President, Real Estate and Mergers & Acquisition

Tony Harris

Senior Vice President, Operations - Corporate Stores

Ken Hathaway

Senior Vice President, Strategy, PMO and Transformation

Sam Mulkey

Senior Vice President, Speedway General Manager & Speedway Integration

John Phee

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Dennis Phelps

Senior Vice President, Merchandising (Vault & Proprietary Beverages)

Randy Quinn

Senior Vice President, Operations - Franchise Stores

David Seltzer

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Jasmeet Singh

Senior Vice President, Merchandising (Center of Store and Services)

Dave Strachan

Senior Vice President, Fresh Foods

Ian Williams

Senior Vice President, Construction, Energy, Engineering & Facilities

Matt Yoder

Senior Vice President, Fuels Strategy and Support

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